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Welcome to ExSolar

Your leading distributor of Solar Panels, Charge Controllers, Inverters and Solar Related Supplies

The primary range includes:

      • PV Modules (produced in the RSA to the EU standards)
      • Inverters (stand alone or grid tied) 180W to 12 KW
      • Solar Regulators (PWM and MPPT)
      • Battery Chargers
      • Lead Crystal, Lead Acid and Gel Batteries
      • Solar Cables, Connectors and Related Tools
      • Wind Turbines
      • Low Energy Lighting Solutions
      • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
      • Power Supplies
      • Solar Water Pumps
      • Energy Monitors

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and many more…

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ExSolar installation team, did a great job at my house (despite the extreme heat!). Andrew Steele
Excellent choice for customer service. They have certainly done us proud! Charles Elliott | Mankankela Tech
The neatness of the job, the professionalism and the obvious commitment to quality made the whole experience a very pleasant one. Andrew Steele

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